Friday, April 5, 2013

A Note From Mike Quinsey / SaLuSa Messages

A Note From Mike Quinsey / SaLuSa Messages
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Date: Thursday, 4-Apr-2013 23:31:37

Friday, 5 April 2013
A Note From Mike Quinsey
Dear Friends,
In view of my condition I have decided to stop sending out SaLuSa's messages until I am sure that I have recovered from my illness. I have had a stroke that has affected my memory, and consequently my typing is slow and difficult.
When I have fully recovered I hope to commence my messages again, but until then I will continue with my Radio Programs unless I find I am having difficulties.
I am hoping that with time I will get back to more like my normal self. Only time will tell what level of progress can be made.

Many thanks to all of you for your great support and dedication it has been very much appreciated. You have been wonderful with your dedication I am hoping to be able to contribute to the final return of the Light and its ultimate victory.
In Love and Light
Mike Quinsey



  1. No. Thanks to you Mike Quincy for providing such work. If not for Salusa many people would not understand the other side of the veil.

  2. I have been very skeptical of this quinsey writer from the 1st time I read one of his posts , about 2yrs ago , I called it garbage then , it's still garbage now , who knows if any thing he writes even this , is anything more than fiction or at worst pure manipulation , having studied Milton Erickson and his techniques for manipulation, which the usg and big advertising are well versed in btw, I could tell / see many of those techniques at work in his writing, as well as other so called chanellers .

    1. Strang how 'others' of disbelief in what Mike Quinsey gets, called channeling likened to garbage. I am a psychic and born that way so quite natural to channel Spirit messages and have done for years. My age today is 89. am in good health and still receiving from 'upstairs'. So if you are not so blessed yurself, don't make junior fun of those who can channel in an easy way. You cannot do it yourselves, but quickly make fun of those who can. Mr WEG of UK.

  3. God Speed in your healing dear brother!
    I Have very much appreciated your channeling and thank you for them!